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RF + Microneedling
HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) 3D photography for skin analysis and PreOP simulations And there is more ...
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Eliminate problem areas without surgery

With the help of modern aesthetic medical technology, we offer you various devices for treatment.

Due to genetic predisposition, our body has set in spite of sports activities and a balanced diet in some places fat deposits. These problem areas can now be counteracted with our innovative treatment methods (for example cryolipolysis).

The wrinkles or acne scars created by the aging process can now be quickly and easily removed. You have the opportunity to use one of the most advanced microneedling and high-intensity focused ultrasound technologies on the market.

Grid HIFU Face + Body RF SMILE
ULTRAFORMER HIFU High Focused Ultrasound ✓ Non-Invasive Facelifting ✓ Bodyshaping ✓ Depth control from 1.5 to 13 mm Website AGASSI High power RF 2 in 1 System Website ✓ smile lifting ✓ vaginal rejuvenation FROZENC Carbonic acid in the aesthetics Carboxytherapy CO Lifting Website non-invasive anti-inflammatory fast, painless and safe PLATON High performance plasma pen Quality at the highest level Website Various applications areas No downtime KRYO+ 360° Kryolipolysis Fat reduction by freezing Website ✓ 360° surround cooling ✓ 2x treatment areas at the same time ✓ 5x2 different shell sizes DEEPSLIM HIFU High-intensity focused ultrasound Website The highly concentrated energy acts exclusively in the target tissue No skin surface damage No downtime
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